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The ‘Return Home’ Checklist After Vacation

By Carolyn | August 12, 2020

Returning home from vacation can be rough. Not only do you long to go back and resume your relaxing escape, but you also have to slide back into reality and pick up your normal routine of work and responsibilities. 

With a little planning, though, you can make a seamless, stress-free transition. Use these tips the next time you return home from vacation. 


When you unpack from vacation, don’t just rush around to get the job done so you can move on with your day. Put things away where they belong, and organize any new clothes or souvenirs you might’ve picked up on your vacation. 

This saves you time later while also setting the tone for your return. Now that you’ve been productive and tackled one task, you’ll feel more eager and willing to do the rest. 


Count on a solid load or two of laundry upon returning home from vacation. If you have a large family with two or more kids, you might even have more. A useful strategy here is to do at least one load of laundry at the hotel or vacation house to minimize the amount you’ll have when you get home. If you’re really struggling here, you could also use an outside service, such as the Folde, to help ease the burden.

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For the rest, though, you’ll want to tackle it ASAP, just like your unpacking. Once you get your clothes and all your luggage situated, you’ll feel more comfortable and grounded back in your normal routine. 


Did anything break at home while you were gone? Was anything broken before you left that you said, “Oh, I’ll get that when I get home?” Is your Internet/TV still connected and humming along? 

Any number of things can go wrong at the house while you’re away. Getting on top of them as soon as you get home is crucial, as it allows you to make any necessary fixes or to schedule any necessary service appointments before you get back into your weekday routine. This will ease your mind as you settle in and get back to reality. 

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Carolyn Haney, Cofounder and President of Haney Home Concierge

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