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Our Story

Carolyn and Matt Haney started Haney Home Concierge in 2019 because they knew the struggles of managing a family, 2 businesses and a home all too well. After moving to Austin in 2004, when life just seemed a little simpler, this entrepreneur-duo started a variety of businesses and non-profits all bettering the Austin community.

Fast forward 15 years, Carolyn and Matt saw an opportunity in the Austin market- to reduce every-day stressors for individuals and families in order to allow them to focus on the parts of life that are most important to them. Voila, Haney Home Concierge was born.

The goal of Haney Home Concierge is to be a forward thinking company. We can help think with you, and for you, and not just to do your work.


Carolyn Haney, Co-Founder/Principal

Carolyn’s passion for helping others has stayed constant; whether it is through working at non-profits, or volunteering her time at various organizations. In the Summer of 2019, Carolyn saw an opportunity in the Austin market to help others; but in a different way. As a mom managing her family and also working outside the home, Carolyn regularly felt the pressure of getting everything done- all on her own. She could do it all, but for a finite amount of time. That lifestyle was not sustainable; and not conducive to a life she wanted to live.

When Carolyn isn’t working, she enjoys staying very active, whether it is running or biking by herself around Lady Bird Lake, or chasing after her 3 kids (and husband!) on a daily basis. She loves to travel, cook, and watch her kids in the various sports activities they participate in. She is an active volunteer at her alma mater, Wesleyan University in Connecticut, her children’s school and local non-profits here in Austin.

Carolyn wants to make sure that people know they don’t have to do it all and that they can ask for help.

Caroline Savins

Caroline is a professional with a strong background in events, digital media, and social media management. Her passion for helping others began at a young age and led her to pursue a degree in Communication & Leadership with a Minor in Social Work from the University of Texas. With her project management and organizational skills honed through event planning and digital media experience, Caroline excels at handling multiple client needs and delivering exceptional results.

In her personal time, Caroline enjoys yoga, rock climbing, cooking, and spending time with her dog Luna, as well as her family and friends. She very much values her hobbies and personal relationships and enjoys making new connections through her work. Caroline’s expertise, dedication to helping others, and ability to manage complex projects make her a valuable asset in any professional setting.

Dottie Cranfill

Dottie is no stranger to the service industry. She studied the culinary arts at Le Cordon Blue and worked in the fine dining business for many years. In the kitchen she learned how to work tirelessly over long hours delivering a consistently perfected product. Serving guests well and making them happy was not only an art but a privilege to Dottie and she did this with joy and passion.

After she got married in 2018 she decided to make a career change and got certified in Hatha Yoga and personal training. Dottie enjoyed coaching and motivating her peers at a boutique gym in downtown Austin. Unfortunately the COVID pandemic forced her to take some time off and once again she had to find another professional path. During this break form work Dottie discovered her love for hiking. She has completed some of the longest and highest hikes in Colorado, South America, and Europe.
Hiking continues to be her passion, but she never lost sight of her willingness to help and work with others and when the opportunity came to work for Haney Home Concierge she jumped at the chance.
Dottie is diligent, dependable, and willing to please. She takes the service industry very seriously and loves being an extra pair of hands to her clients.

"Outstanding job. Exceeded all expectations. It was a pleasure to work with them on a sizable first project and am looking forward to starting the next one!."

-G. Barr

We Can Help.

Take control of your to do list and focus on doing the things you enjoy.