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Mother’s Day 2021: Give Mom the Ultimate Gift This Year

By Carolyn | May 06, 2021

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 9, giving us the opportunity to treat our moms to something memorable and special. 

While you can find gift guides aplenty, we want to offer an alternative this year: The gift of time.

Maybe it sounds a little cheesy, but given everything that’s happened since the pandemic swept the world in 2020, nothing could be more appropriate for Mother’s Day this year. 

We’ve all faced challenges and hardships in some fashion over the past year-plus. And while these hurdles proved difficult, they’ve also given us the chance to gain some new perspective. What really matters? Who really matters in your life? 

For Mother’s Day, let’s apply that lesson in full and make an effort to give mom 100% of our time and attention. 

Thankfully, Austin provides endless opportunities to achieve this goal. For Mother’s Day, take mom out and see something new. Try new food. Visit a museum or an art gallery. Does mom like wine? Austin has plenty of options. 

Or you can double down on giving mom the gift of time and literally free up her schedule for more relaxation. We’re in the spring cleaning season here at Haney Home Concierge, and we can help mom de-clutter. You’ll love the smile on mom’s face when she sees a freshly organized and clean home. 

We can organize her closet, kitchen, garage — anything she wants or needs. You can view our full list of services right here and send me an email at to schedule something ASAP. 

Of course, keep in mind your mom’s preferences when planning your day or, better yet, involve her in the process. Do a little research and give her some options, allowing her to pick what sounds best. It’s her day, after all! 

Whatever you choose, just make a mental note to be present. Take special care of mom and enjoy the day to the fullest (Yes, that means pocketing the phone for a bit. You can do it!). 

Make this Mother’s Day perfect. Give mom the gift of time. 

Carolyn Haney, Cofounder and President of Haney Home Concierge

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